Before and During

You’d think in our excitement to move out to our “almost dream” property, we would have taken some more photos when we first moved in. But I was inside playing house and since it was already after Halloween, there really wasn’t much point in digging around outside. Or taking photos outside either, apparently. I did capture this one photo shortly after we moved in.

That’s Chad walking Daisy. Don’t worry, she’s 100% Free Range now. chadwalkingdaisy

Here’s a better photo, minus the man and the dog. So, really, is it better?


We spent the whole winter dreaming and scheming and as soon as the frost was out of the ground, we got to work.

I just want to preface this by saying that we like trees. Trees are awesome and I hate cutting them down. But this one had to go.

  1. It was where I wanted to put the garden.
  2. Can you see the kid in the green sweater? She’s standing on the tree’s roots. Outside of the ground. The tree was dying. Or on it’s way to dying. The pink arm behind her was saying goodbye to the tree.


After the tree was removed, and before we started garden installation # 1, I snapped this photo from the back corner. You’ll come to realize that I like taking pictures from this vantage point.


And then we started the fun stuff. Notice the missing tree. Well, as much as you can miss something that’s not there. This is Garden # 1. Or Phase 1 of the backyard.


Right after this, I planned a major foot injury so I could get out of helping with this:


This is a closer-up view of Garden # 1 and the berries that Chad so kindly planted while I was laid up.

So, Garden # 1 and the chicken coop were the big projects of 2015. And that coop took so many nights and evenings to perfect. But it worked! The only time we’ve had a predator was when we left the door wide open…

If I’m not taking photos from the back corner of the lot, you can find me on the balcony. This one is also missing the man and the dog. But it has a swing set frame!


And a back corner shot. Because, I wasn’t on the balcony. You can see the chicken coop all nicely finished in this picture.


So, 2015 was a great year and we spent the winter dreaming and scheming again. Spring 2016, we got an early start and tripled the size of the garden over the March break. Our kids wanted to know why we didn’t go to Mexico.

Before Spring 2016, we used to bond with our kids while playing baseball in the backyard.


But now we bond while WATCHING baseball.


The kids weren’t impressed that I turned their baseball field of dreams into a garden and they continued to be unimpressed all summer when it became a jungle of weeds and nettle. And a snake.

But the crazy plan, and let’s be honest, tripling the size of the garden in one year = crazy plan, was awe-inspiring when everything started growing.

We had a few other smaller scale projects that we worked on as well. In the next picture, you’ll see the steel has been replaced with greenhouse plastic on the lean-to at the back of the shop. And we Chad built a mobile coop for the chickens. Its the thing that looks like a covered wagon. And Chad started beekeeping!

Here’s another back corner shot. This was taken in the spring, after a fresh coat of mulch and before planting. Daisy insisted on a wind machine for the photo shoot.


And this one was taken very early in the summer. You’ll notice I wasn’t quite in the back corner for this one. You’re welcome. On the right side of the photo, you can see Chad’s beehives.


And now it’s Winter 2017. We’re in the dreaming phase again and while I enjoy the downtime, I’m really missing the dirt under my fingernails.


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