Planning Weekend or Yay, It’s Almost Spring

It’s planning time!! Actually, it was planning time about 3 weeks ago, but my kids keep insisting on family movie time on weekends so I’m a little behindish this year. I’ve watched E.T. (first time ever!), Jurassic Park and Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, so I’m not complaining.

This weekend, however, I’m taking over the dining room table! I know I’ll have fun, because planning and organizing are some of my favourite things, and I love being surrounded by books and seed packets, but planning for a new year always makes me nervous. We have discussed adding in a few things we’ve never done before. We’re not doing anything new or earth-shattering, so don’t get too excited. We’re just doing some things like this:

  • Backward planning

The last two years, I’ve planned the whole garden and then ordered the seeds I needed and a few extras. This year, I’m switching it up. I’ve ordered all of my seeds already, based on what we ran out of last year, what we want to expand this year and new things we want to try. Well, most of the seeds have arrived and now I’m planning to plan. I’m curious to see which method I’ll like. Maybe backward is better? Maybe this isn’t even backward for most people? Maybe I’ve been backward for two years and I’m finally straightening out?!

  • Cover crops

This is obviously a good sustainability practice, and it’s absolutely necessary for a few of our 2015 beds. My concern is losing some valuable growing area, especially since I’m hoping to expand some of our crops. Since I like planning, I’m sure I’ll find a way around this issue, but it will take some creative thinking and…

  • Succession planting

I should have this under my belt by now, but to be honest, last summer I was so busy pulling weeds, succession planting fell to the bottom of the to-do list. The year before that, I’ll admit I was a little in over my head with having such a large garden for the first time that I did one planting and one planting only.

  • Seed saving

Last year we saved beans, but this year, I’m hoping to save at least tomatoes, peppers and some herbs as well. I was a little disappointed to find out I can’t save some of my favourite flowers like nasturtiums or calendula because the different varieties cross-pollinate. I’m not someone who likes to plant just one variety of anything so this would be an issue here and I’m not sure I want to find out what sort of mutant flowers would grow. Or do I? Hmmm…

  • Cold frames

I’m really excited about building a couple of cold frames and growing some late fall or early spring crops. This is something we’ve been talking about for the last two years,  but this is the year we’re going to make it happen.

Anyway, I’ve procrastinated half the day away and now it’s time to get started on the planning. Happy planning to anyone else out there working on garden stuff this weekend!

No family dinners here this weekend! 



3 thoughts on “Planning Weekend or Yay, It’s Almost Spring

  1. I’m sure you realize that tomatoes, peppers and basils cross-pollinate as well if more than one variety is grown, making seed-saving difficult. Just a reminder, so you won’t be disappointed next year when your saved “favorite” tomato turns out entirely different!


    1. Thank you for your response, Carolee. Cross pollination will most definitely occur here since I plant at least 15 varieties of tomatoes. When we moved here, I bought a seed saving book and in reading it became very discouraged to learn just how few seeds I could actually save. It might be fun to see what sort of freakish tomatoes we could grow, but if I do that, I shouldn’t really be scared to cross nasturtiums then either! How bad could a mutant nasturtium be? I just won’t eat them… 🙂


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