Don’t Wait.

Plant something today! Well, it’s February, so maybe wait until spring, but don’t wait until you have that perfect property. Find a sunny spot, build a little raised bed and put some veggies into it. It doesn’t need to be complicated.

Here’s a picture of our first garden, in 2012.

Tomatoes in the front and peppers in the back, with some beans against the fence. And marigolds. I love marigolds. 

Our backyard was almost entirely shaded by a huge maple tree, but this spot spent about 6-8 hours in the beautiful sunshine. We ripped out the flowers from this corner (sorry previous owners!) and built these two raised beds. I say “we” because Chad let me play with his power tools. I still have all my toes and fingers!

In 2013, we added another bed (yep – cleared some more flowers), and planted mostly tomatoes.

These are the same beds as the previous year. They must have been my favourites, because I never took a picture of the new ones. 
More tomatoes. You’ll notice this is a theme for me. 

This small garden produced so many tomatoes. Also, a few beans and a cucumber. They were planted along the fence, but most of the produce ended up on the neighbour’s side. Oops. Those holey fences are tricky that way.

This was one haul of tomatoes:

Many tomatoes were harmed in the making of delicious sandwiches. 

We have a big garden now, and I love it, but it’s not necessary. Pick something you want to grow, something pretty or something edible and just go for it! We took a tiny leap and haven’t looked back since. Magic is dirt under your fingernails.


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