2017 Planning

The garden planning is well under way and now I’m more excited than ever that Spring is right around the corner. Spring has always been my favourite time of year because everything is new and fresh. It’s also pretty rainy and muddy, but I need those days to clean my house. Don’t come over in the summer; the dust bunnies are out of control.

I got a late start Saturday, due to an extra long morning coffee, but I still accomplished what I set out to do.

My focus on Saturday was planning out the chicken garden (can you guess where this garden is located?) and the general plan for the veggie garden. As I mentioned in a previous post, we’re planning to do things a little differently this year and so I worked some of that into my planning. I planned based on the seeds I’ve already purchased and it worked out pretty well! It looks like I only forgot to buy one variety of bean (Royalty Purple Pods – so delish!)

Without further ado, here are some photos from my planning weekend.

All ready to go. I love my tracing paper and coloured pens. 

The chicken garden was a lot of fun. It’s filled with all chicken-friendly perennials and annuals. At the end of the summer, I let the girls in there to clean it up and fertilize all over it. It seems to make them really happy.

Technology and I don’t always get along so I prefer to draw it all out. I’m sure there are great programs out there, but for now, this is my method. Feel free to enjoy my varied scribbles.

This garden part is not precisely to scale. I’m a little lazy in February and it was cold so I didn’t go out to measure it.


Right in the thick of it. Working hard and drinking coffee.


On to the veggie garden.

I told ya I was old school. Tracing paper taped on the window. My kids had no idea what  I was doing. 

Once the plans were drawn, it was down to the nitty gritty of trying to place all the veggies on the map. I love this part, but it’s also tricky because playing therapist to the plants with all their complicated relationships is never easy no matter how large the garden is. I’ll know how I did in July.

Cover crops have been added to the plan this year. That was one of our “new things” for this season. The top bed and the top left will be cover cropped and then succession planted in July if the beds are ready.

This wrapped up day one. The lighting was getting pretty bad in the dining room by this time and my brain was buzzing with information.

New day. More coffee.

See that book on top? The author has a great blog called Tenth Acre Farm

Day two was filled with what I call “micro-planning”. I took each bed and zoomed in on it. I used the Square Foot Gardening book for inspiration, but I didn’t pack my plants in as tight as the author does. I worked in succession planting during this step and once I was done zooming in on each garden bed (they’re numbered to keep things simpler for us), I jotted everything down on my big desk calendar.

All zoomed in here. Lots of dots and dates on these pages.  

The “micro-planning” took a really long time, but having it all written down like that makes me feel warm and fuzzy. I’ve never had such a detailed plan for the garden before.

Day 3. And tea.

Finishing up the last of the “micro-planning” while everyone else was a work and school. 
Veggie garden all done! 

I’m thrilled to have this finished and to have my to-do list made for the coming weeks and months.

In the meantime, I still have to plan the perennial garden.


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