I’m reading right now (Feb, 2017)

While reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows may be a great use of my time, it’s not exactly teaching me anything about homesteading. It is, however, making me wish I could do dishes with a wand instead of by hand.

Since I’m trying to balance out my love of children’s books with something educational, I always have something in the homesteading category on the go as well.

The first time I spotted Herbarium at the local bookstore, I put it on my wish list immediately. The book contains information about 100 herbs – how to grow, cook and heal with them. The information is simply put so it doesn’t melt my brain when I’m reading it. (Anyone else find it impossible to read with kids around?) My favourite part though, is the artwork. I might just leave this one laying out as a coffee table book. The bold prints are beautiful and fun to look at, as you can imagine from the front cover alone.



Since we moved here, we’ve been looking for other local urban farmers so when I found out about Kula Permaculture, I was thrilled and then slightly disappointed when I realized they weren’t located around the corner, like I had hoped, but several hours away. On my first visit to their website, I discovered two things:

  1. They’re one of the largest permaculture farms in Canada. And…
  2. They were about to release a book!

(I think it’s already been noted that I have a book problem. But, Chad always says there are no problems, only opportunities, so I guess I have a book opportunity. An opportunity to learn! And become annoyed when my kids forget that some people don’t like constant interruptions while reading.)

Anyway, the book is called The Permaculture Market Garden. I’ve only read the introduction so far, but I’ve scanned the book and I’m pretty sure I’m gonna love it. It’s filled with watercolour pictures and drawings. I can’t wait to really sink my teeth into it. Or my eyes, whatever. I won’t actually bite it.



Because of social media, I also recently discovered One Tenth Farm. I actually linked to their website in yesterday’s post because their book (also newly released) was featured in a picture I took the other day.

I haven’t read much of  The Suburban Micro-Farm yet either, but I was looking for some answers while garden planning and discovered some handy dandy charts in this book. This book isn’t as colourful as the other two I’ve mentioned, but it’s filled with great info. I think it would be a great addition to any library, but especially to a beginner gardener/homesteader, because the info is so thorough. I’m pretty sure it’s going to become a go-to book for me.



Well, I’ll be reading Harry Potter from 7-7:30 tonight, but once my daughter is off to bed, I’ll be cozy under a blanket reading these grown-up books. With a glass of wine. Happy reading to all!




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