Is it Spring?

It’s February 22nd. I’ve just come in from outside wearing no coat (I’m not just being crazy -it’s actually that warm out there – it’s like, 17 C). Do I set out my patio furniture? Do I wash the snowsuits? Do I still have a scraper in my truck? I’m so confused. I keep looking at the calendar so I don’t start digging in the garden. I just know the warm weather won’t last. If the past is any indication, we’ll be under a foot of snow two weeks from now.

Even though I know it’s not spring, it’s not enough to stop me from making a “Spring To Do List”. Anyone else make those lists? Chad’s list mostly just consists of building projects. I don’t know how to build stuff. I’d like to learn, but apparently, I don’t care enough about making corners 100% square, so Chad builds all the things.

So, here is Chad’s list:

  • Repair the back deck (or tear it off and build a new one?? – I’m told that’s not gonna happen this year).
  • Build a new table top for our patio table (he’s got a head start on this one already).
Boards all cut and sanded 
  • Build cold frames in greenhouse.
  • Build window boxes for the shop and chicken coop (’cause those are just so cute, aren’t they?).

Can’t you just picture it? On a side note, did you know solo cups grew on plastic trellises?? 
My list:

You know what? I just counted the things on Chad’s list and the things on my list and it turns out it’s mostly stuff for me to do this year. The really really big stuff has been done already and it’s time to complete a lot of little jobs.

  • Sheet mulch the perennial bed (didn’t do it last year and regretted it).
  • Expand the bed by the shop (window boxes and an updated garden bed? I think so!). See above photo. That garden bed needs some stylin’.
  • Prune berries, Peony Tree and Hydrangeas – CHECK! Got this one done last weekend. Sometimes I add stuff to the list that I’ve already completed, just so I feel more productive.
  • Stain the deck, the balcony and paint the porch and shutters. I could have divided this up into three tasks since it is three separate areas, but sometimes I make it look like something is only one task so I feel more productive.
  • Plant all the gardens.
  • Order more chickens. Should I? Shouldn’t I?
  • Order and plant more fruit trees and berry bushes.

Our list together:

  • Raise beds in chicken garden. The beds were added last year and I really like them, but the chickens love to move the path into the garden area and the garden area into the path. I’m a little too ‘perfectionist’ to keep allowing that. We need some clearly defined walking paths.

Going to raise the garden bed area. And doesn’t the coop just need a window box? Possibly a new door also.
Well, now that I’ve written it all down, it doesn’t seem so bad. And here’s where I begin to underestimate the actual time it will take to complete these tasks. That reminds me, I better add one more thing: create good playlists!



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