Kitchen Essentials

Minimalism is all the rage right now and I’m all for getting rid of junk that’s just collecting dust in the corners of the basement, but there’s a limit to my purging.

I’ve read that very popular book about holding each item and seeing how it makes you feel and thanking things for their service to you, and it inspired me to do some minor simplifying. I have discovered I am in no way a minimilast. I feel like that’s a bad thing to admit these days, but I’m not about to lie on the internet. We all know this is a place for truths.

There are times when all 5 of my spatulas are dirty and I wish I had another one. I know I could do dishes, but I’m on a roll, people! I’ve got cookies in the oven, muffins lined up ready to go in next, dinner on the stove and a pot of apples simmering their way into applesauce. Breaking for dishwashing ruins the rhythm.

Don’t even get me started on those people who claim you only need one set of measuring cups!

So now that it’s been established that I’m a both a hoarder and a multitasker, let me share with you my list of kitchen must haves. They’re all items that make my life easier and/or healthier and therefore, happier.

Here they are:

1. Vitamix – the blender I didn’t even know I was missing all those years until we finally splurged and bought one.

2. Kitchen aid mixer – never again will I waste $100 on a cheap mixer. Lesson learned. Haven’t regretted spending the money on this bad boy.

3. Stockpot – a recent purchase made to process the harvest of 30 tomato plants.

4. Canning supplies – I walked through the canning section for years, just wanting to give preserving a go. And one day I did. And I fell in love with it. Just writing about canning makes me long for summer.

5. Dehydrator – edible “shrinky-dinks”. Need I say more?

6. Giant bowls – for popcorn and harvesting. Never enough giant bowls.

7. Canning jars of various sizes – (see canning supplies above). Also, jars get their own slot because, well, have you seen the ideas on Pinterest for jars?

8. Salad spinner – I’m not even sure why I ever put this back in the cupboard.

9. Sharp knives – Who knew cutting could be so effortless?

10. Coffee maker – mmm, coffee.

So, if I’m ever sent to a desert island with only one box of kitchen supplies, I guess it would have to be a pretty big box!

Now I feel like making something…

Here’s my kid filling up a giant bowl with garden goodness. 

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