Spring Break

Spring break has come and gone again. The weather kept us inside watching Harry Potter and playing Zelda, but no one complained about how we spent our time. 

When I wasn’t hanging out with the family, I was busy doing all the regular, boring stuff like washing dishes and doing laundry. 

I did manage to complete a small project though. Our oldest daughter requested a wall for quotes, so this is the solution I came up with: 

Chalkboard wall on the oddly shaped part of the hallway.

The problem with completing a small project like this is that it awakens in me a desire to paint more things. Like the entire hallway. Upstairs and downstairs. And that means all the trim also. And the spindles. And the railing. And the front door. And that’s what I’ve been doing this week. 
Taken just after the first coat was completed. See the difference?
It makes exactly zero sense to start painting projects now. I’ve had all winter to do this stuff, but now that it’s officially spring, not only do I have a plethora of outdoor chores to do, I add “paint all the rooms” to my list. 

But while I’m busy painting, the seeds we planted last week are busy growing. It’s so fun watching all these little babies grow! 

The weather forecast doesn’t look good this coming weekend, so I’m hoping to complete the painting before the weather entices me outdoors. And maybe by then, some of these plant babies will be ready for a move outside as well. 


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