Signs of Spring 

Daisy and I were out walking around the backyard today, looking for signs of Spring. We didn’t see any asparagus, which makes me wonder and worry that it didn’t survive (we’ll plant again if it didn’t). We didn’t see any flowers growing in the backyard. Still too early, we think. There are a few in the front yard though. We also didn’t see any perennial herbs springing up yet. 

We did see some new strawberries far from their original location (I’m always shocked at how far they travel). 

And our Magnolia and Peony trees both have lots of beautiful buds.  

But, the most exciting thing we found? 

Garlic!!! We planted it last fall. I say “we” because Daisy helped. And by helped, I mean she kept bringing me her ball and barking until I threw it. 

But the garlic has popped through the straw mulch and looks great! 

And then we played ball again. Because that face is irresistible. 


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