Happy (belated) Easter

The kids are back to school after a great 4-day Easter weekend. I love long weekends with the kids. They always go by too fast. We had 20+ degrees both Saturday and Sunday and I’m not gonna complain about that – I had forgotten what a nice warm breeze felt like. I spent hours and hours and hours outside pulling weeds and edging and transplanting and potting up. Oh, I did spend time with the kids too!

Here’s a small photo recap of the weekend. I didn’t take many pictures because I was mostly covered in dirt and I didn’t want to damage Maude (my camera – yes, she has a name. She’s very special to me!) or my phone (who will remain nameless).

In the Grow Zone:

Herbs growing like crazy have now been potted up.
Yes, I’m organizing my grow zone by colour. I love it!! Tomatoes are red, herbs and flowers are blue. Yay for multi-coloured solo cups! 
I watered them and they all shot up and started touching the lights. I moved about 15 yesterday. I woke up this morning and had to move 10 more. Crazy kids!  
Not everything is growing well. Here is a tray that just didn’t have great germination. I’ll direct seed the ones that didn’t work and cross my fingers that they’ll grow. 

In the Greenhouse:

I transplanted this lettuce into larger pots last weekend and left it in the greenhouse to see what would happen. It’s growing! Yay for cold tolerant crops! 
I planted ‘Winter Greens’ in the greenhouse last spring and let it go to seed. This is what happened. Yay for volunteers!

In the Great Outdoors:

One of our 6 fruit trees. They’re all beginning to look like this. Yay for new growth! 
Hanging out with the teenager and the dog. Yay for warm weather! 

That pretty much wraps it up for the weekend. We’re heading into a busy couple of weeks here, volunteering at the school even more than we usually do. Chad and I are both hanging outside with groups of kids this week. He’s teaching baseball skills to 8-10 year olds and I’m geocaching with 12-14 year olds. It has nothing to do with homesteading, but it does include getting kids outside and that’s something we’re both pretty passionate about. For three seasons anyway. Chad likes winter, but I struggle with that season so we tend to stay inside quite a bit. I’m going to put it out there into the interwebs that I’m going to try harder to like winter. I promise I’ll try. But first I’m going to enjoy spring, summer and autumn.

I hope you do too.


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