Homestead Tour in Photos

While I’ve been mostly absent from the blog-o-sphere lately, lots of things have been happening around here.

Here’s a photo tour of what we’ve been up to lately.

In the Grow Zone:

Ready to be potted up.


It didn’t take long for them to outgrow the growzone. They’re now sunning themselves by the window.


In the Greenhouse:

The tomatoes outgrew the window so they were transfered to the greenhouse.
Where they were followed by more and more growing plants.
The best luck we’ve had with strawberries and pineberries is to pot them first, let them grow a bit, then move them to their permanent home. It’s more work, but at least they live.


In the Garden:

The only surviving pineberry from last year. The original plant is right at the bottom of the photo. This is the little berry that could!
Fourteen yards of mulch! Thank you Chad for moving ALL of it!
This picture should be called “Correcting a Wrong”. We skipped the cardboard under the mulch last year and it had me wishing I could put “less weeds” on my Christmas List.
In this photo, I see all the things we still need to do. It’s not a pretty picture, but it’s reality.
The Spring 2017 Balcony Shot.
Garlic growing and looking pretty great. Hopefully it likes rain!
Garden bed expansion project. We ran out of cardboard so the bed is still sitting like this. It’s been a week. Maybe I should make a bet with myself to see how long it will stay like this…
Transplanting some strawberries to a better location. That means we didn’t really plan ahead when we planted them in the first place.
The crazy blackberry patch.
Check out these Aspara-guys!! Is the plural form of asparagus just asparagus? We should change that.
Daisy is posing between our new peach trees. She’s still out there waiting for them to produce  juicy, ripe fruit.
They’re not in the garden, but they want to be. I think they’re trying to be statues so I don’t see them.


In the Garage:

Prep work for the new babies. We build very fancy digs for our chicks, as you can tell.
Daisy knew exactly what was going on and kept hopping around waiting to see the chicks. Fun Fact: they hadn’t arrived yet.
Here they are! Six baby fluffy butts.
Meeting for the first time. Is Daisy thinking, “They’ve brought home something even cuter than me!” or “Little nugget, you’d taste delicious with some honey mustard.”?
Did she just lick her lips?

That sums it up for the last bits of April and the beginning of May. I didn’t capture rain photos, because, let’s face it, we all know what that looks like by now!

Stay dry!


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