What I’m Reading (06/17)

I’m a book whore. That’s not really a nice word, but I’m not sure there’s another way to describe it. I feel like I’ve moved past “collector”. Collector might imply an enjoyment of  a certain genre or time period or style of writing, but what is it called when you like all the genres? (I don’t like ALL the genres – only about 90% of them!) What’s it called when you buy a lot of books, but then only hope to have time to read them? I’m an avid reader, for sure, but housework, volunteering and laundry always get in the way of my spending quality time with my books. 

I’m not a hoarder. Don’t laugh! It’s not hoarding if it’s books. I saw a meme on the internet, so it must be true. 

To be clear, book buying is not something I hope to seek help for any time soon. The mortgage is paid and my family gets food on a very regular basis. I’m just trying to be set the stage for the three books I’m reading this month. They were all purchased in May. A month when I actually read very little. Yes, I grew my collection of books, therefore growing my “to-read” list all while not ticking any off the list. It’s terrible, really. But I’ve convinced myself that just being surrounded by good books is enough sometimes. And when I do ever have time to read, I’ll have a large list to choose from. 

See, I’m a book whore. 

When I saw Welcome to the Farm at my local bookstore, I picked it up to purchase immediately. I did do the obligatory flip-through, but given the title alone, I was going to buy it. It might have been a joke book for all I knew and the joke would have been on me, but it appears to be a legit homesteading book. It’s totally the type of book I love. It’s part “how-to”, part recipe, and part story, combined with great pictures. 

Home Grown Pantry was another impulse buy, I’ll admit. One of the reasons it grabbed my attention was right on the front cover “Selecting the Best Varities & Planting the Perfect Amounts”. If someone is willing to take the guesswork out of a seed catalogue for me, I’m in! I thumbed through it and really enjoyed the layout and information presented. It discusses the main points of food preservation and how to choose the best varieties to grow. It covers veggies, herbs and fruit. 

You might be proud of me for the next choice. Cut Flower Garden was published way back in February and I didn’t buy it until May. That’s right, it was on my “wanted” list for nearly 3 months. While I’m not sure I’ll ever have a flower farm, I love the idea of this book. It’s organized by seasons, which is perfect for a flower book and the photography is stunning. I’m looking forward to diving right in. 

Our kids have three weeks left of school, so summer vacation is just around the corner for us. Even though summer is busy in the garden and around the homestead, I still find more time to read than during the school year. Anyone else out there have seasons of reading? 

What’s on your “to-read” list this month? 


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