Hello and welcome to Blackwell Bees and Co.! We are Chad, a local business owner/beekeeper and Christina, a stay-at-home mom/homesteader and we live with our two daughters, two dogs and various other creatures on just over half an acre in Sarnia, Ontario.

Our foray into gardening started around 2010 in a small backyard in the heart of the city. After growing food in raised beds in that yard for 3 summers, we realized that our heavily shaded backyard just wasn’t cutting it anymore. We had always dreamed of settling outside the city limits on a multi-acre property with a barn and lots of animals, but since we wanted to move while we were still young enough to work, we settled on an affordable 0.6 acres with a with a great view of farmland and moved in the fall of 2014.

In what is perhaps the greatest compromise of their marriage to date, Christina has agreed to spare a small piece of lawn from total garden domination for Chad since he enjoys riding around on his lawn tractor.

Our hobbies include dreaming of ways to plant more gardens, visiting with our bees and chickens, meandering outside, spending time with our kids, harvesting, and riding around on the lawn tractor. Actually, spending time with our kids ranks number one, but now that we spend most of our waking hours pulling weeds, instead of bonding over Netflix, all we now share is a mutual dislike of stinging nettle. We kid, we kid. We’re basically couch potatoes for the month of December, so we pack a lot of bonding time in then.

Well, since the “about” section of a blog shouldn’t drag on and on, we’ll end it here. Just so you know, the opinions here are our own and are subject to being wrong and/or changing. We’ll post only our own photos, unless otherwise noted. If you have questions, or would like to learn more about us, don’t hesitate to contact us.



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